My name is Loren Michelle Moly and I handmade and designed everything you can find here. Creating gives me a sense of purpose and boosts my mental health. When you shop from small makers, you are supporting a real human being to be the best version of themselves and I'm so grateful that you are here to appreciate hours of intricate, delicate, and beautiful work and I hope you enjoy the journey of my creative path.

The Art Gallery

for All Free-Hand Embroidered Landscapes. Current Exhibition: WANDERLUST.

Check out the Gift Shop

for Embroidered Houseplants, Paper Plants in Embroidery Hoop, Words of Encouragement, pets, portraits, etc, for display, and decoration. Tiny jewelry, bookmarks, and more.

Handmade plants with paper, Visit the Plant Gallery to check them out and find versions of them at the Gift Shop too!

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