• Keeps your mind focused on the present moment.
    • Keeps you away from the mindless scrolling on the phone.
    • Improves mental and emotional health.
    • There is an embroidery style and technique for every taste.
    • Helps to lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate.
    • Helps the brain recover from injury and keeps it healthy.
    • Keep your eyes sharp.
    • It builds patience over time.
    • Helps boost confidence and self-worth.
    • Is easy to learn

    • Gives you a sense of accomplishment.
    • Fill in empty time with something relaxing that improves your well-being.
    •  Brighten up your home with your finished work.
    • Is wallet-friendly.
    • It has many practical applications.
    • Is an eco-friendly hobby.
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Group Classes

Learn hand embroidery and discover how it can be used as a creative tool for mindfulness and relaxation. You’ll explore different embroidery stitches and techniques with patient guidance. It's also an opportunity to enjoy the social aspect of stitching, either working quietly together or enjoying a good chat! 

Available for ages 10 and UP.

For inquiries about Workshops, or Birthday Parties, etc please Contact me

  • "This is so fun!, I'm going to bring it to restaurants and stitch on the airplane instead of playing with my phone" -Marco, 10 yr.

  • "When i get distracted with the cartoons I make mistakes, I'm going to my bedroom so I can focus and finish it for my mom" -Alex, 5 yr.


  • "Time flies when I'm stitching! It's so relaxing, I can do it anywhere when we travel and not use my phone!" Emma, 12

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Mindfulness in the Workplace.

It’s never been more critical for business and HR leaders to address the mental well-being of their teams head-on.

Even on the best days, stress can prevent us from being fully focused and doing our best work. And too much of it can lead to burnout, disengagement, more sick days, and strained relationships in the workplace.

Hand Embroidery is a science-backed meditation practice and mindfulness solution for the workplace.

Within minutes of working on a project, your mind grows quiet and the repetitive action fulfills your body’s need to be occupied allowing you to take time out, prevent burnout, and release anxiety. Embroidery at Work offers proven mindfulness programs that lead to healthier organizations from the inside out.

Group & Private Classes Available in Miami and Broward County, Florida, US

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