About me

My name is Loren Michelle Moly. I'm a proud Venezuelan Inmigrant. I also lived in Argentina and Mexico for 10 years in search of a better quality of life.

Since 2016, I've been living in Miami, Florida, USA. During that time, I taught myself how to make handmade embroidery and paper plants.

After 6 years of experience and gathered expertise, I now teach others how to do hand embroidery and enjoy all the life-changing benefits I've experienced.

I have been influenced by multiple nationalities and learned from different cultures, societies, and, languages, shaping me into a woman that questions everything with a "Do It Yourself" type of personality.

Since I was 12 years old, I learned how to speak English by watching TV. I went to college and tried different avenues like Psychology, Public Relations, Marketing, and journalism but I didn't find them personally fulfilling.

I have worked as a secretary for the CEO of an Oil Company, a concierge in hospitality, sales, cashier in restaurants, pet sitting, babysitting, etc.

In search of healthy outlets to cope with anxiety and depression, I taught myself how to embroider without tutorials, just making mistakes and venturing into it step by step.✨ I was learning new skills, incorporating a daily practice, and challenging my brain to figure out how to make them. Thinking outside the box gives me a sense of accomplishment that ignites my passion and creativity.

Embroidery taught me to replace ⁣frustration with patience, compassion, and gratitude for every bit of progress through something I made from scratch, made with my own hands, no instructions. I enjoy the fulfillment and self-acceptance that comes from within while I'm building resilience and patience.

I’ve discovered a whole new side of myself, the creative side.

Commissioned Artwork

God successfully unlocked the Artist in me and showed me my hands' abilities. They allow me to express myself in a meaningful way, with the purpose of finding peace while bringing appreciation for handmade work, and joy and awe to whoever sees them.