About The Paper House Plants

Inspired by my love for house plants, colors, and a "Do it Yourself" attitude, I started making This unique plant that doesn't need water, or light and will always look gorgeous as a display for decoration, it's a great conversation starter. Bring life & character to any room.

This Paper House Plant Collection is made with cardstock paper, vinyl paper, floral tape, wire, hot glue, mod podge, painted with gouache and acrylic paint, colors, markers, gel pens, patience, and imagination, it's a delicate rare plant that will always thrive.

Make it Pop!

I love mixing real plants with my paper plants around my studio


Very rare Alocasia Inspired by the high cost of rare houseplants that tend to die. This Paper House Plant has been carefully crafted, made from Cardstock paper, painted with gouache paint, using mod podge to give texture to each leaf.




Paper Plant Collection inspired by the colors of my home country's tricolor flag.

Yellow represents, in symbolic form, the wealth (gold and fertile lands) of Venezuela.

Blue represents the Caribbean Sea, which covers the maritime coasts of Venezuela.

The red represents the blood spilled in the struggles for Independence.

The blue stripe features an arch of seven white stars, representing the seven provinces that signed the Act of Independence on July 5, 1811:

Pot or Vase?

I enjoy exploring different ways to display the paper plants.