Aesthetic Happy Bracelet

Aesthetic Happy Bracelet

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Aesthetic bracelet with unique different beads 

Aprox wrist size: 6inch wrist circumference 

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You can choose to turn the pendant into a necklace, a pair of earrings or a single earring.

Make sure to select the correct option before check-out. The back of the pendants are painted with a single color

God successfully unlocked the Artist in me and showed me more of my hand's ability, with the purpose of finding peace, they also allow me to express through them in a meaningful way,  while inspiring appreciation for handmade work, awe and joy to whoever sees them

I love creating unique landscape sceneries, I get my inspiration from photos, my surroundings, beautiful colorful places from nature. These pieces reflect hundreds of hours of intricate and slow stitches made with patience and dedication.

Its a great to support for my social anxiety, you can find me stitching in a bar, while my boyfriend is playing drums with a band, wearing a goofy lamp on my forehead, embroidering makes me feel at ease, It helps break the ice and start conversations while keeping me safe and present