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"Curb your Ego" Handmade Embroidery 7 inch

"Curb your Ego" Handmade Embroidery 7 inch

A Piece from "Encouraging Hoops" Collection – a fusion of artistry and inspiration, showcasing hand-embroidered masterpieces employing the mesmerizing technique of chain stitch, french knots for a striking 3D effect and rainbow yarn wrapping the hoop ready for display. 

Beyond their aesthetic charm, each piece reinforces the strength gained through repetition, symbolizing the transformative power of reading and affirming positive messages (with a twist) until they become an integral part of our reality.

This collection is thoughtfully designed for inclusivity, recognizing the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals. The repetitive nature of affirmations serves as a powerful tool for mental well-being, creating a supportive environment whether displayed in your office or home.

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