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Vista Serenity- Hand Embroidery Miniature Scenery Landscape Art- Wanderlust Collection

Vista Serenity- Hand Embroidery Miniature Scenery Landscape Art- Wanderlust Collection

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Vista Serenity by Loren Michelle Moly

A tranquil landscape featuring grand mountains overlooking a serene lake. The sky is painted in soft hues of blue, reflecting the cool, crisp atmosphere. A golden sun bathes the scene in warm light, while a field of wildflowers adds a touch of vibrant color to the foreground. The air feels refreshingly cold, inviting you to immerse yourself in the quiet majesty of the mountains and the calm expanse of the lake.

Hand Embroidery Miniature Scenery Art – a captivating fusion of craftsmanship and creativity designed to elevate your space with enchanting landscapes. Each meticulously crafted piece is a visual symphony of intricate details, capturing the essence of nature in vibrant threads and delicate stitches. 

This piece is unique and it measures 3 inches in diameter.


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Whether adorning your shelves, desks, or any cherished nook in your home, these hand-embroidered landscapes are sure to be a focal point, inviting you to escape into their serene beauty.

Skillfully Crafted

The landscapes are brought to life with vibrant threads, creating a visual symphony of colors and textures. From majestic mountains and serene lakes to enchanting forests and rolling meadows, each scene is a captivating glimpse into the wonders of the world.

Perfect for those with an eye for detail and a love for unique decor.

Loren's Hand Embroidery Miniature Scenery Art brings the tranquility of nature into your living space, one stitch at a time.


The hoops are not just frames; they are an integral part of the art, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a unique authentic presentation.

Designed for effortless display, each piece comes with a complementary easel, providing a sturdy and stylish foundation for your miniature masterpiece.