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Hands Shape Love Hand Embroidery KIT for Beginners

Hands Shape Love Hand Embroidery KIT for Beginners

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ARTSYNEEDLE Hand Embroidery KITS are specially designed for those with short attention spans and a desire for a simple and rewarding hobby that releases stress and encourage focus to make a beautiful minimalist art piece for display and decoration. 


  • Easy to-follow instructions and designed to be made using simple stitches that will keep your motivation and drive going.
  • 4" Embroidery hoop.
  • Fabric with design pre-printed on the fabric.
  • Needle & Threader.
  • Embroidery threads necessary for the project. I encourage you to adventure and customize it with the colors you want if you want.



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    • The repetitive motions of hand embroidery can help release tension and stress from the body, release dopamine instead and help to reduce feelings of restlessness and hyperactivity.
    • Starting, working on and finishing an embroidery project can give a sense of accomplishment and pride, which can help to boost self-esteem and motivation.
    • Hand embroidery requires the use of fine motor skills, such as holding a needle and thread, making small movements with the hands, and manipulating the fabric. This can help to improve dexterity and coordination.
    • Hand embroidery is a form of self-care and self-compassion. Remember to take a deep breath and be gentle, loving, and patient with yourself as you learn a new hobby and improve your skills.
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Feeling stressed? Anxious? Hand Embroidery allows individuals coping with their mental health, burnout, anxiety, depression, recovering from addictions, ADHD, etc to express themselves, With every poke of the needle into the fabric, learn to channel emotions like frustration and stress.

Stitch your way to peace of mind, cultivate self-esteem, attention, patience, and focus over time and create something unique.


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